Panel Listing

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    911 in Freefall: Handling Medical Emergencies in Space

    Presenter: Bruce C Davis, MD

    Space is a high-risk environment. What is the likelihood of a medical emergency in orbit or on interplanetary missions and what is NASA doing to prepare for it.

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    The Authors Organization

    Panelists: Marko Kloos, Larry Correia, David Weber

    How different authors keep their character ideas, plots, timeline, and details organized for continuity. How forgetting some of those details can affect your stories. How many keep a tech bible and a over all playlist of character and events, a history of your favorite writers sandbox, come find out how they do it best!

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    Baen Roadshow

    The Baen Roadshow presents the great art and completed covers of new and upcoming Baen books. Plus authors and editors present at Honorcon give the audience the skinny on many of the new and future releases. And there is always lots and lots of swag for the audience—free stuff you’ll love—including Baen hardcovers, advance reading copies, trade paperbacks, bookmarks, buttons, and other great items.

    Being Career Enlisted in the TRMN

    Facilitator: FSMCPO Sir John Kane

    If you are interested in having a career as an Enlisted member in the TRMN come and talk with some of the Career NCOs.

    Body Positive Cosplay and Crossplay

    Facilitators: Patrick Brown and Nancy Knight

    Have you ever felt like you’re too fat/skinny/busty/short/etc to cosplay your favorite character? Ever been told you can’t cosplay a character because you’re not the same gender? Ever felt pressured to lose weight, gain muscle, or just flat out change yourself so that you can cosplay who you want? People come in all shapes and sizes, and cosplay should too!

    BuComm Q&A

    Presenter: David Weiner

    Come meet the Fourth Space Lord and his staff and find out what BuComm has been working on, what the plans for the future are and to ask questions.

    BuShips 101

    Presenter: Chris Thompson

    What does BuShips do for you? What programs are offered to you to help your ships grow? Learn from BuShips to find out.

    But I Liked That Guy!

    Presenters: Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

    Although one of the guiding rules of writing is not to kill a character that readers have gotten to know well, a growing number of writers (led by George R.R. Martin) has been doing just that. Angry? Frustrated? Let’s talk about when it might be necessary to kill a character and what the aftermath might be.

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    Colonial Ministry of Defense: A Battlestar Galactica Fan Association

    Presenter: Les Rickard

    Raiders, Vipers and Battlestars oh my! Join the Colonial Ministry of Defense as we discuss the organization as well as the show that inspired it. The Colonial Fleet Needs You!

    Conquering the Crusher

    Presenter: Mike Romero

    Captain of the List Mike Romero presents the paper with which he passed the Advanced Tactical Course (with the blessings and permission of the Saganami Island Naval Academy senior staff) on the Battle of the Nile. Afterwards, Captain of the List Steven Firestine, current Instructor of the ATC, goes into a little more detail on how the project option of the 2001 course works, answers questions, and offers advice on how you too can conquer “The Crusher.”

    Cryonics Update: Frozen Immortality or High Priced Swindle?

    Presenter: Bruce C Davis, MD

    Cryonics or frozen suspended animation has been a long standing science fiction trope. What is really possible and where do we stand

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    The Economics of Self-Publishing

    Presenter: Chris Kennedy

    One of the things that scares authors most about self-publishing is having to bear the brunt of all the expenses. How can you get your book published without ending up with a garage-full of them? Where can you cut corners and where do you have to bite the bullet and shell out some hard-earned cash? Come to this panel and find out!

    Engines, Reactors and Turbines, OH MY!

    Presenter: Chris Thompson

    A look into the maintenance culture of the US Military. See the seldom shown side of the military and what actually keeps the wheels turning. Learn the differences, and similarities between the maintainers of different branches. Learn about things from Jeeps, to Airplanes, Ships and Submarines.

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    Future medicine: From genetic manipulation to regeneration

    Presenter: Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D

    A look at the future of medicine, particularly as we read it in SF. How is future medicine handled in the Honorverse? How far away are we from practical genetic engineering? Prosthetics? Regeneration? Life extension?

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    Genre Blending: Scifi, Fantasy and More

    Presenter: Chris Kennedy

    Mixing science fiction and fantasy with other genres like mystery and westerns can give you a genre cocktail that is great...or very, very bad. Some authors have been hugely successful, while others have crashed and burned. Our experts tell you how to get it just right.

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    Harrington, Hornblower, and Lucky Jack

    Presenter: Mike Romero

    Captain of the List Mike Romero, Captain Junior Grade Thomas McDonald, and Commander Jim Cunningham lead a discussion on how Honor Harrington was inspired by and modeled after heroes from naval fiction, especially C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower. Using Forester’s “Beat to Quarters/The Happy Return” along with Patrick O’Brian’s “H.M.S. Surprise” as references, we’ll discuss the leadership and personality traits of Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey and how they can be seen reflected in Honor Harrington. To conclude, we’ll have a theoretical discussion on who might prove victorious in a naval action between Hornblower and Aubrey.

    Harry Potter Trivia

    Facilitators: Blibbering Humdingers

    Houses of Parliament

    Presenters: Martin Lessem, Robert Jackson

    Come learn about the new Houses of Parliament in TRMN and find out how you can help grow the organization.

    How Much Science Should a Science Fiction Writer Know?

    Presenter: Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

    This panel will look at writing science into your science fiction. Both scientifically-minded and non-sciency people are welcome as we try to determine how much science does it take to make good science fiction?

    How to write good problem reports

    Facilitator: Rear Admiral of the Red David Weiner

    Have you ever ran into a problem with the TRMN website, the forums or MEDUSA, opened a trouble ticket and had to go back and forth a few times before someone was able to help you? Come to this panel to learn how to write a good problem report that will enable someone to get right to work fixing the problem.

    How to Write Action Scenes

    Panelist: Larry Correia

    How to write action scenes that captivate your readers keeping them on the edge, driving them to read more with the desire to know the outcome. Knowing the place and the how of each character, and the effects each have on others in the event in the story. Come talk with Larry and see how he keeps it all on track, making us the readers enthralled.

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    Indie Publishing: Getting Known as an Author

    Presenter: Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

    Most people understand what marketing is, but far fewer understand the role that publicity pays in selling your work. One without the other often falls flat…but when your local newspaper won’t talk to you, how do you get publicity? Come hear how our experts do it.

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    Kids coloring pictures of cosplay their treecats might do in the costume contest.

    Facilitated by Mike Romero

    Komei Jyuku Demonstration

    Presenter: Aaron Sua

    The North Carolina branch of the Komei Jyuku is focused on the instruction of classic Japanese Samurai combat arts. Most notably the widely practiced style of iai (sword drawing): “Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu” meaning “Peerless, Direct Transmission, True-Faith Style.” Laying claim to an unbroken history of approximately 450 years. This makes it the second oldest extant martial art form in Japan. The NCKJ will be showing combative drills, sparring, mock combat, and target cutting. They will also answer questions (theoretical and historical) and sword parts and assembly.

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    Letting other authors play in your Sandbox

    Panelist: David Weber, Larry Correia, Chris Kennedy, Mark Wandrey

    Listen to our authors discuss what goes into the decision to let other authors write in their universes and how they decide who they allow to do so. How do they keep continuity in their world with others writing in it, and why do some keep fan fiction from being produced.

    Livin’ the Dream: Tips for Becoming a Full-Time Creative

    Presenter: Ian Malone

    All creatives — be they authors, cosplayers, artists, musicians, etc. — dream of a day when they can ditch their day job and create full-time. It’s a daunting step, and one few creatives take. However, with the proper vision, goals, financial plan, and commitment it’s a dream far more realistic than many might think.

    This panel will offer a brief presentation on planning for self-employment then shift to an open-floor discussion for audience insights and tip sharing.

    Topics to be covered in the presentation:

    • Basics on Running a Business
    • Project Budgeting with a Fluid Income
    • Prioritizing Expenses and Spending
    • Saving for “Rainy Days”
    • Knowing When to Go Full-Time

    We hope to see you there!

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    Manticore Virtual Airlines

    Presenters: Martin Lessem, Dave Weiner

    Our Virtual Airlines are up and running! Do you wish to earn your RMN Simulator Wings? If so, this is definitely the panel for you. We will help get you started and flying in no time!

    The Martin Koszta Affair

    Presenter: Rob Howell

    In this panel, I go through the Martin Koszta Affair, an event in 1853 where the commander of the USS St. Louis almost precipitated a war between the US and the Austrian Empire. As I do so, I detail how I can use this particular event to help create fiction, much as David Weber has used history to shape the Honorverse.


    Presenter: David Weiner

    Come meet the Fourth Space Lord and his staff and find out new features in MEDUSA that have been released recently or are on the books. Ask questions, make suggestions and take a peek inside MEDUSA with the team that created it.

    Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

    Facilitators: Blibbering Humdingers

    Meet the Brass

    Come meet the leadership of the TRMN and ask them any questions which you may have.

    Meet the Uniform Development Board

    Presenter: Zachary White

    A look into the uniforms of The Royal Manticoran Navy, The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. Panel will be conducted as a Q&A so bring questions.

    Meet your BuTrain Instructors and Staff

    Presenter: Christa Brolley

    Rather than a traditional panel with a few panelists facing the audience, we plan to set up so you can come talk to individual instructors and staff one-on-one throughout the time period in an informal, walk in and out setting.

    • Do you have a question about how to start taking courses at BuTrain? We’ll have staff there to answer all your questions and help you get on your way.
    • Do you have question on a particular course of study or need Ideas on what to take? Come talk to an instructor for ideas.
    • Don’t know how to use the forums properly? Come talk to us and we can show you.
    • Do you want to work for BuTrain? We’ll have someone that can tell you all about their experience and how you can join us.

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    NAC Fanclub Meeting

    Facilitated by NACDC Leadership

    Come sit in with members of the newly formed NAC: Frontlines Fanclub. Join local members and interested persons, along with series creator Marko Kloos. Talk about upcoming additions and planning for the group and where they are headed from here be you a Podhead or ground side Grunt of Homeworld Defense, share your enjoyment of the universe with others.

    No More HonorCon? What now?

    Panel Facilitators: Joel Lyons and Dave Weiner

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    One Star or Five

    Panelists: Larry Correia and David Weber

    Listening to the critiques of your material and turning those into positive influences on your writing, and the differences in how positive and negative critiques affect our Authors writing, if any. How does the fan base influence the writer if any in future concepts, come and talk with the authors and see how it happens.

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    Power Armor: One Man Tanks/Future Knights

    Panelists: Chris Kennedy, Mark Wandrey and Marko Kloos

    Join our authors in a discussion on the future of ground infantry, from the concept of LAND Warrior in our current time to the advent of the CASPer suits in its different generations, to the BUG Suits designed to mask and scout the Lankies, to the concept given to us from Heinlein and his early thoughts on the use of Powered Armor, where 1 man would equate to a Battalion of infantry in the modern day.

  • R

    Reading and Q&A with David Weber

    Reading Q&A with Jacob Holowach

    Reading and Q&A with Larry Correia

    Rising Above the Noise: Maximizing Your Profits with Amazon.Com


  • S

    Saving Grace K-9's and what they do for Veterans

    Presenter: Saving Grace k-9’s

    22 veterans a day commit suicide, a staggering and unacceptable number of heroes gone. Our mission is to reduce those numbers by providing a four legged lifeline. Saving Grace K9's is a nonprofit organization that teaches veterans who suffer from PTSD how to train their own service dog, whether it be a dog they already are bonded with or a rescue dog we locate for them. We provide all our services, training equipment and service dog gear at no cost to them.

    Service and the Insanity, Becoming a Peer of the TRMN

    Presenter: Robert J. Jackson

    Peerages in the Honorverse and TRMN

    So you joined TRMN but don’t want to be in the Navy

    Presenter: Joseph P. Grieco

    An examination of options for membership including other military branches, as well as civilian options.

    So, you want a White beret?

    Presenter: Chris Thompson

    Pretty self explanatory, hear the process from BuShips, and learn hints and tips from current or former Commanders of Hyper Capable chapters. Useful for those who want to take on the responsibility, and fun, of leading their own chapter.

    Star Trek Discovery: Pass or Fail

    Presenter: Scott Gibson

    For the first time in over a decade, Star Trek has returned to a weekly episodic format. This time, not on broadcast or cable television, but on a subscription service operated by CBS for American audiences. Now that we have had an opportunity to experience the first few episodes of Star Trek Discovery, as fans, what are our first impressions? What did they get right? What did they get “wrong”?

    Join Scott Gibson, Chairman of the USS Charon, a chapter of Starfleet International, as we review and discuss the first episodes in the latest incarnation of the Star Trek phenomenon.

    The State of Space Kablooie

    Presenter: Marko Kloos

    Frontlines Reading and general fan Q&A


    Presenter: Martin Lessem

    Want to learn about Submarines from someone who has been there, and done that? In that case, come to this panel and share in the fun. This panel is usually not safe for children due to language.

    Supernatural: Music, Muscle Cars, and Monsters

    Facilitator: Nancy Knight

    Supernatural is still going strong after more that 10 years. And whether you love it for the flannel wearing brothers, the monsters, the cars, or the music, there are lots of reasons fans tune in. This panel discusses these aspects and more of the Supernatural world.

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    Theogony Books: A Big Year in 2018?

    Presenter: Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey

    It doesn’t matter what you like in a book, Chris Kennedy Publishing probably has something for you in 2018. From bestselling sci-fi to thrillers to epic fantasy, we’ve got it all! Come see what will be released in 2018… and maybe win a free book for the effort.

    Third Fleet Annual Meeting

    Panel Facilitator: Joel Lyons

    To Care for an Author

    Presenters: Sharon Rice-Weber, Sheellah Kennedy, Joy Wandrey

    The role that wives, significant others, family and friends have in caring for the writers that we love so that they can focus on creating the stories that we love.

    TRMN Amateur Radio Auxiliary (W4RMN)

    Presenter: Brad Lee

    Hermes Bouys may not exist yet, but there is still a constant flood of radio communications moving across the planet 24/7. Come and join the TRMN Amateur Radio Auxiliary and learn about ham radio, some advancements that have been made in the past few years in the digital realm, and potentially how you can get your own amateur radio license to talk all over the world instantly!

    TRMN Forums and how to use them

    Presenters: David Weiner, Brad Lee

    Don’t know how to navigate the TRMN forum online or via the app? Come join us as we help you learn the ins and outs of this wonderful feature.

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    WWHD - What would Heinlein Do?

    Facilitator: Mark Wandrey

    The undeniable grandfather of mil-sf, Robert Heinlein wrote many stories in mil-sf universes before we even recognized that as a sub-genre. Now in 2017, long after he's left us, what would he make of the genre he helped create? What would he like, or not like? And if he were around, what would he be writing himself? Join a fun round table discussion.

    World Building 101 (Extended Course)

    Facilitators: Mark Wandrey, Larry Correia, Marko Kloos

    Putting together those vital components of a best selling universe. Come hear the panel of experts tell you what they did to make it all happen. What do they consider the essential pieces of the puzzle that make readers into insatiable alien creatures devouring everything you write. Or at least what they think those might be.

    Writing Realistic Injuries: How Hollywood and Most Authors Get It Wrong

    Presenter: Bruce C Davis, MD

    Most Hollywood productions get the reality of murder and mayhem wrong. A trauma surgeon discusses how injuries really work and what pitfalls authors should avoid.